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Holding exams, bringing education back to former state not the same

After a year and half, the schools of the nation were finally opened, and students were welcomed back into classes on September 12. However, according to Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education the rate of absenteeism has increased in secondary schools over the past two weeks. In this context, The Daily Star sat with Brac University (BracU) Professor Emeritus Manzoor Ahmad, also director of BracU's Institute of Educational Development, to discuss the issue. The Daily Star (DS): The attendance rate was 67 percent for secondary schools on the 12th of September but it fell to 56 percent just 15 days after. What could be the reason? Manzoor Ahmed Everyone was happy with the choice to open schools again and to keep health guidelines. The students accounted for two-thirds of them to school (on the 12th of September) The results were not enough, and the number is declining. This decrease in attendance is a major cause for concern. Students would like to take class